We recruit only the most experienced and passionate engineers.


We develop cutting-edge cloud administration tools.


Our top priority is keeping your data secure against continuously evolving threats.

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Minimize Costs

Managing cloud infrastructure can be expensive. A medium sized business needs anywhere from 2 to 5 experts to facilitate their round-the-clock cloud objectives.

With BiTS you get on-demand access to over 30 carefully vetted, well-managed cloud engineers and architects.

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Comprehensive Security

BiTS performs frequent audits and system patches to keep your data secure.

All data in transit and at rest are encrypted by default.

More About Security

We take the complexity out of the cloud.

Start your digital journey with a Managed Cloud plan by BiTS.

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24/7 Monitoring

We use comprehensive logs and analytics to keep networks optimized round-the-clock.
Applications stay running and your data is secure.

Personalized reporting services are available to Private Cloud customers.

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Comprehensive CI/CD

BiTS delivers a comprehensive continuous integration and delivery ("CI/CD") framework that improves development efficiency and gives customers rapid turnaround on change and feature requests.

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Version Control & Traceability

Dedicated GIT repositories are a quintessential part of our platform that offers complete transparency and accountability to our customers.  BiTS leverages bleeding-edge cloud automation technology for scalability, efficiency and security.

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Containerized Applications

BiTS builds and deploys containerized micro-services and applications. We have a library of over 60 popular services that come pre-optimized and ready-to-deploy. Our engineers can also help get your legacy applications container-ready.

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High Availability

It can be hard to predict traffic, manage attacks against your digital infrastructure all while keeping your users and customers connected to critical services like CRM, ERP or e-Commerce.

BiTS takes care of the heavy lifting and service delivery so that you don't have to.

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Seamless Migrations

BiTS also makes upgrades, migrations and other network management tasks seamless. With carefully architected protocols, we keep your services available throughout even the most complex moves so that you continue to deliver the highest possible service availability to your end-users and customers.

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Scale Instantly

BiTS simplifies cloud administration with heavily automated build, deployment and orchestration systems.

Managed Hosting customers with G3, G4 and Rx plans benefit from efficiencies gained through our state of the art automated container management solution.

Cloudy about the "Cloud"?

Good news! Going cloud will probably save you a lot of money if you already pay for on-premise hosting and support.

Already have your own team of cloud engineers?

Speak with one of our consultants about upgrading your cloud infrastructure to leverage our  state-of-the-art systems.