At BiTS we dig engineers who love a challenge.

We believe that passion, not a piece of paper makes for the best data scientists and Engineer s. We look for self-starters who are not afraid to speak with a better way to get things done. At BiTS, every one is an engineer, always looking to take on the next big challenge.

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Continuous Research and Development

BiTS continuously deploys technology to exciting, industry leading businesses. 

Be a part of our effort to change the world by bridging innovative technology and real-world applications.



We work with hundreds of customers to seek out the challenges that matter.

Making an impact requires a team dedicated to understanding and overcoming problems customers face.

The stakes are high and our customers rely on us to make a difference by building solutions the right way.  


We work in flat, decentralized teams. Each team with its own decision-making ability. Our people have the freedom to approach, own, and solve problems creatively.
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Our teams work directly with customers who already make an impact and need our help to make an even bigger splash through technology. At BiTS you make a real-world difference.


We are proud of what we have built and our founders imagine so much more for BiTS.
As our organization evolves so to will our products, people and customers. We are very excited about what the future holds and want you to be a part of our journey.




The best solution always wins.

Join every discussion ready to battle for your idea. Aim to leave each meeting with the best solution, even if it is not yours.

At BiTS we do not tolerate favoritism or ego trips. We expect the people we hire to have opinions. We value creativity and fresh ideas. Equality of speech is the bedrock for diversity of thought. We embrace anything that improves our products, processes and people.



Nothing is permanent.

The things that need re-building are the things that matter most.

The best solution today is probably not the best solution for tomorrow. We strive to continuously innovate, improve and create an impact. Something running smoothly might not be operating optimally.
We don't always get it right on the first try but at BiTS we iterate until we do.
We are building an ecosystem that will change the way the world does business.  This requires obsessive attention to detail and unyielding dedication to improvement. Be part of a team that knows how to build and rebuild. 



The best solution is usually the simplest.

There is a middle ground between "it works" and "it's perfect". For the same outcome - 20 lines of code in fifteen minutes is less desirable than 10 lines of code in an hour. That said, never spend ten hours doing what can be done in one.

Our mission is to help people tackle real-world problems through elegant software.
Our solutions traverse computer science, data science, software engineering, business strategy, governance, hyper-scale distributed systems and so much more. This makes for an exciting work environment and dynamic, global teams.
At BiTS our priority is to bring data, technology and people together.