Enterprise DevOps Platform

Comprehensive ICT Management Solution.

Ideal if your organization manages dozens, hundreds or even thousands of engineering personnel and clients.

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How does your service delivery stack up?

Do you have challenges scaling delivery cost effectively?

Are you losing customers due to poor QC and turnaround?

Are your technology stack and protocols up-to-date?

Is vendor lock-in pricing you out of the hosting market?


Give Your Business a Quick Self-Assessment

Self-Assess three critical pillars that measure the responsiveness of your IT systems.

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Delivery Continuity

Level 0 - No software versioning or containers (stuck in the 90's)

Level 1 - Continuous Integration (e.g. via GIT and Docker)

Level 2 - Automated docker builds, dev deployments and testing 

Level 3 - Automated deployment to production

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Infrastructure Scalability

Level 0 - Software running directly on a single server or VM

Level 1 - Software running on the cloud (or hybrid cloud)

Level 2 - Microservices running in containers

Level 3 - Highly automated multi-cloud container orchestration

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API Maturity

Are you tapping into the massive benefits of standardizing connectivity via REST APIs?  Leonard Richardson's Maturity Model is a grading scale for assessing truly RESTful APIs.

Level 0 - Soft resources (plain old XML), using only one endpoint

Level 1 - Different resources, but a unified HTTP method

Level 2 - Multiple HTTP methods, such as POST, PUT, DELETE, etc. 

Level 3 - Navigational resources on your API responses

BiTS helps to reduce friction between your developers, users and customers.

If you scored a "Level 1" or lower on any component above, consider augmenting your organization with our enterprise delivery platform today.

Open Source 

Embrace open source technology as your organization powers into the 21st century for:

1 - Control over code (freedom from licensing)

2 - Reduced costs and simplified management

- Accelerated innovation 

4 - Improved interoperability

5 - Superior security

Agile Teams

BiTS delivers comprehensive platforms  and frameworks  that help you build an agile team.

Give your team an edge using the same tried and tested tools and infrastructure that enable BiTS to seamlessly connect hundreds of IT professionals and engineers to thousands of end users.

Start working with us to unlock your full potential.