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A Truly




    Book keeping, Purchasing,     Billing,     Customizable Chart of     Accounts and     Financial Reports


    Manufacturing Process     Optimization     with Powerful     Planning, Scheduling     and     Reporting


    Simplify Customer     Management
    with Lead Pipelines,     Dashboards
    and Forecasting


    Project, Task, Issue, Timesheet
    and Billing Management for     Service     Companies


    Flexible Payroll Management,     Appraisals, Recruitment,     Time Tracking     and Leave     Management


    Drag-and-Drop Website Builder     with     Integrated Payment     Gateways     (PayPal,     Stripe, etc.)

Custom and Extension Modules
We extend core Software functionality with a library of over 400 AGPL and LGPL modules.

Standard Reports

Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Statement, General Ledger, Aged Payables, Aged Receivables

Custom Reports

Easy-to-Use report building tools lets almost anyone build powerful reports on-the-fly and become a data analyst

Deep Integration

Insight and reporting from deep integration between project, personnel, inventory and sales management modules

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Finance and ERP

ERP and reporting tools are at the heart of the solution. Accountants can zoom in or out in real-time with dynamic and customizable financial reports that cover personnel, inventory, sales, procurement and so much more.

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Integrated with sales and e-commerce for huge efficiency gains and better customer insights.

Keep connected with customers and stay in control of sales performance.


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Project Management

Great for creative and service professionals who work in teams or collaborate with clients. Modern user interface, mobile integration, built-in messaging and timesheet management.

Visualization tools include gantt charts, graphs, pivot tables and much more.

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MRP & Warehouse

Intelligent double-entry. Move more stock. Hold less stock. 

No more stock-outs.


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Consolidate all employee data, manage contracts, monitor employment status, schedules, timesheets, attendance, appraisals, leave, expenses and more.

Customizable dashboards turn every HR manager into a data-driven analyst.

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Effortlessly customize and design your product showcase with built-in d rag & drop building blocks.

Seamlessly integrated with inventory and billing management to help you scale painlessly.

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Custom Apps

BiTS seamlessly connects global clients with our dedicated experts from around the globe to deliver world-class support.

We handle thousands of support requests monthly across our enterprise support accounts in order to deliver an ever growing array of IT objectives.

"With open source, we own a copy of the source code."

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