Remote Engineer

Plug-and-Grow: Plug into our network of experts, customers and users to develop your own, exciting career in IT.


Software Engineer (Remote)

Singapore, Singapore

Are you passionate about code?

We are always looking for software engineers and developers who enjoy designing, developing, testing and deploying elegant software solutions that improve productivity and quality of life for users.

Want to take control of your time?

It's easy to "burn out" in a fast-paced industry like IT. The work is exciting and rewarding but long, grueling hours can take a toll on you. We know the value of rest and recreation. We know that a well rested engineer is at his/her most creative and productive.  That is why we have structured BiTS to help you balance work and the other joys in life.

With BiTS you get to pick your projects and define your own, flexible work schedule.We want you to stay happy so that your career in IT will last longer and be more rewarding.

Interested? Some of the frameworks/technologies you can expect to work with at BiTS...

Dev-Ops: Jenkins, Capistrano, Fabric, Ansible, Maven, Ant, Gradle, SaltStack, GitLab, Git, SVN, Mercurial, Artifactory, Sonatype, Puppet, Chef, SonarQube, Docker, Kubernetes, DC/OS, ELK Stacks, Nagios, DataDog, Summologic, New Relic, Serverless Architectures, Micro-Services and more

Programming: Python, Java, Javascript, Swift, R, Objective-C, SQL, C++, Go, Erlang, Solidity, HTML5, CSS3, PHP and much more

ERP/CRM: ERPNext, BiTS, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP

Databases: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, CockroachDB, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle 12c

Mobile: Flutter, Xamarin and Native

BiTS is an open source first business. We promote the adoption and development of open source technologies that empower communities that include developers, customers and end-users.

The Scope... varies with your skill set, preferences and experience. Here are some tasks you might be expected to work on.

Feasibility analysis
, problem and requirements definition and solution architecture.

Documentation and demonstration through flowcharts, diagrams, videos and (of course) clear, well-commented code.

System design and specification.

Systems analysis and penetration testing.

Communication with various stakeholders including customers, vendors, team members and third-party consultants.

Constant learning through research and development with state-of-the-art development tools, programming techniques and systems.

Participation in competitions or local/regional networking and learning events.

Supporting customers by collecting, analyzing and debugging services.

The Requirements...

A degree is preferred but not required. The minimum academic qualification is a diploma in Computer Science or a similar field.

Where possible, we give every applicant a chance to demonstrate their skills and value. Our team will assess your technical skills and organizational fit by first assigning some well defined tasks and deliverables. We call this an on-job assessment.

Our recruiters look for your ability to estimate work effort accurately, deliver on time, write quality code and be efficient or innovative with your solutions.

Many candidates will qualify to work on a steady stream of open source projects but only the best will qualify to work directly with customers and/or on our cutting-edge research and development projects. Our selection process is rigorous and competitive.

To qualify for autonomous work through our platform you must be:

(1) A clear and effective communicator - able to break down complex technical concepts for customers and users
(must have native commands of English and/or Mandarin);

(2) An expert in your related field(s) - able to rapidly troubleshoot and resolve technical issues;

(3) Be an independent thinker and problem solver but also a team player who puts the customer or user first - if you cannot solve it alone we will solve it as a team. 

If you are interested and have what it takes, please...