Designed and built primarily built to ease the burden of repetitive business processes and communications. The BiTS Organic Intelligence (OI) engine helps drive down labour and operating costs for all types of organizations.


NLP Powered by an extensible artificial intelligence engine, our product is designed to be seamlessly integrated with powerful tools from AWS (speech recognition), IBM (business analytics), Microsoft (image recognition) and more.


BiTS provides a library of intelligent queries that you can use out-of -the-box. We also deliver support and programming experts who can tailor your experience with Organic Intelligence within a matter of days.

Organic intelligence ("Oi")

It is important that AI integrates fluidly and seamlessly with your business. This means data, systems and people should interface organically.

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intelligent Automation

Our most popular solution comprises pre-integrated:
(1) Enterprise and data management software
(2) BiTS Delegation BoT technology
(3) Mobile app integrations 

We also work with legacy systems to provide a data integration layer necessary for effective process automation.

Organic intelligence is a cost-effective and accurate business process automation technology developed by BiTS

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Organic intelligence is a framework that enables Machine Learning (ML) to identify trends from massive data sets.

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Organic intelligence also leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to interpret human input like conversations and rich media while giving operators the power to define context bounded by enterprise data models.

The result is seamless automation of repetitive routines with less human intervention.

Our intelligent solutions power awesome technologies like DoT, our friendly  delegation bot. DoT enables your users to speak with your ERP system. Click to discover how DoT can help you today.