Multi-Layered, Multi-Faceted.

Cloud Infrastructure (Data Centers)  

BiTS is a proud recipient of sponsorships from AWS, Microsoft Azure and IBM. BiTS hosts all data on leading clouds including AWS, Microsoft Azure and IBM.

Our cloud service providers and partners are frequently audited to pass the most rigorous multi-tier security standards to achieve accreditation and certifications including ISO 27001, SOC1 and SOC2 which help to keep your services running round the clock.

Managed Cloud Customers have their service and data hosted only in the trusted data centers based in Singapore. All services are delivered and managed by one of the service providers listed above and provide 99.9% up-time or greate unless otherwise disclosed.                                

To find out more about the infrastructure we use to manage your data please visit our partners at:


Service Automation and Delivery Stack*

BiTS uses a bleeding-edge stack of enterprise grade server technologies to deliver robust performance, scalability and security.

BiTS invests heavily in automation to minimize human intervention and the possibility of operator error. 

We leverage technologies such as Ansible, Jenkins, Git and Marathon-LB to deliver optimal service health through continual updates and data backups.

BiTS uses container technology (Docker) extensively adding additional layers of security through virtualization, isolation and continual vulnerability scans.

Our managed hosting customers can put their minds at ease knowing that their services are running on hardened Linux distributions with up-to-date security patches. Our networks are continually monitored to reduce possible attack vectors.

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*Applies to our managed cloud hosting service. Features may vary for custom cloud infrastructure.

Backups (Disaster Recovery)

Your business continuity is our top concern. With this in mind BiTS automates backups and keeps geo-redundant copies in case of a disaster.

You can expect that at a minimum your enterprise data will be backed up and retained*:

  • Daily for 7 days (7 backups)

  • Weekly for 4 weeks (4 backups)

  • Monthly for 3 months (3 backups)

  • Total of 12 backups

For customers with data on a PostgreSQL database (e.g. BiTS) your data is also continually archived (near real-time backups) as a primary point of recovery should your service fail. In such an event automatic recovery should have your system back online within 5 - 10 minutes.

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*In the event of system failure:

Recovery Point Objective is 24 hours, max of 24 hours data loss in event of daily backup restoration. Recovery Time Objective is 30 minutes for managed cloud customers.

Other Important Information

Database Security

Customer data is stored in a dedicated database - no sharing of data between clients.

Data access control rules implement complete isolation between customer databases running on the same cluster, no access is possible from one database to another.

Password Security

Your passwords are protected with industry-standard PBKDF2 + SHA512 encryption (salted + stretched for thousands of rounds). BiTS staff do not have access to your password, and cannot retrieve it for you. If you lose your credentials we will only be able to reset them with a valid instruction from you.

Login credentials are always transmitted securely over HTTPS.

System Access

BiTS support staff may, with your consent, sign into your account to access settings related to your support issue. For this they use credentials, not your password(s). All activity is logged at the application and server levels. Passwords are always rotated immediately and returned to the customer for a reset and safekeeping. You stay in control of your data.

You will never be asked to share your password(s) by our personnel! Please be wary of any such request and decline to provide your password(s) regardless of the situation.

Our support staff strive to respect your privacy as much as possible. We endeavour to access only the files and settings needed to diagnose and resolve your issue(s) and queries.

OdooCE (on BiTS Managed Cloud)

Please request documentation for your application(s) from your service representative if it is not available on this page.

More Eyes Means More Security

BiTS is open source, so the whole codebase is under continuous scrutiny by a global community of users and developers. Not all open source applications are secure, however OdooCommunity is unique in that its user base is in the millions and this has supported a global network of passionate developers and engineers (including our team at BiTS) who work constantly to improve security.

Version Control and Traceability

At BiTS careful quality assurance processes, including multiple code review steps, help to improve security and stability for end users when new software is deployed to extend BiTS's core functionality. Commits and changes are 100% traceable via our GIT repositories and deployment logs. BiTS performs local unit tests, staging tests and where necessary additional intermediary steps to ensure that any code reaching your production environment is both secure and robust.

Software Architecture (Highlights)

OdooCommunity is designed in a way that prevents introducing most common security vulnerabilities:

  • SQL injections are prevented by the use of a higher-level API that does not require manual SQL queries

  • XSS attacks are prevented by the use of a high-level templating system that automatically escapes injected data 

  • The framework prevents RPC access to private methods, making it harder to introduce exploitable vulnerabilities

Audits and Reporting 

BiTS performs ongoing audits on code and receives bug reports both from customers and third parties hired to review code and perform penetration tests on staging systems. The BiTS Security Team acts quickly and appropriately to take necessary corrective measures. For the security of our users we cannot and do not disclose these results.

Please include as much information as possible, including the detailed steps to reproduce the problem, the versions that are affected, the expected results and actual results. Text-based bug descriptions (such as application logs) accompanied with a proof-of-concept script/exploit help us to react faster and more efficiently.

If you are a security researcher or developer and want to make ongoing contributions as a paid consultant, please contact to register your interest.

We accept security reports via email to

Please click on the adjacent link to download our PGP public key. We recommend using this key to encrypt your emails to our security team.