Thousands of users trust BiTS for their support.

Join them and find out how we can support your business with technology.

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Turnkey Support Platform

BiTS seamlessly connects global clients with our dedicated experts from around the globe to deliver world-class support.

We handle thousands of support requests monthly across our enterprise support accounts in order to deliver an ever growing array of IT objectives.

Data Scientists

Your business process a host of information, we build applications that make it easier to consolidate and report that data.

With large data sets our data science team can facilitate unique perspectives through machine learning and other advanced techniques to give you otherwise unimaginable business insight.  

Cloud Architects

Our cloud engineering team delivers disaster recovery support, continuous systems upgrades, deployment automation and security analytics.

Our cloud team works tirelessly to deliver state-of-the-art, secure infrastructure for all of our Managed Cloud customers. They also build and manage white-label cloud infrastructure for large enterprises.

Software Engineers

Our software engineering team comprises a blend of technical developers, design engineers and application architects.

Bringing together these core competencies allows us to deliver well rounded, beautiful applications that work exactly as intended.  

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Functional Consultants

Experienced technical managers with business process know-how provide clients guidance throughout their implementation journey.

Functional consultants serve as your go-to support. They facilitate efficient delegation and supervise delivery.

Join hundreds of other business users and thousands of their customers who rely on BiTS daily for support.